Timing is everything – Healthy Kids

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Timing is everything.

Eating a balanced breakfast within 30 minutes of waking promotes weight maintenance by maintaining blood glucose levels and one’s metabolism. Energy from a healthy meal also keeps people of all ages focused with seemingly better memory and concentration levels. (I see better test scores for your little one in the future!)

With so many incredible benefits, there’s a reasonwhy people agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Your Personal Health Coach,
Joyce Blonskij
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Here is my favorite quote about children getting healthy:
I actually think it depends on what age they are. If we can role model early-on a healthy lifestyle and have good nutritious foods available, I really think we have a much better job as parents to set the stage for a healthy life for our kids as they get older. We need to teach our children to eat real food. No fast foods. No junk foods. No processed foods. Just honest, nutritious, real food. Spend a day this coming weekend at a local farmers market and have them choose veggies and fruits for their school lunches. Oh – and please stop buying soda.

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Back To School

Answer me this…
Is it really possible to send your child, teen, or college-aged student to campus completely confident that they will have a healthful day?

The answer is YES!

By making sure they are staying nutritionally satisfied with a 5-star meal plan and otherwise boosted with balanced routines, you can rest assured that they are 100% ready to tackle all the quizzes, homework, and social activities that they’ll face during the day.

Stick with me over the next few days as I share incredible lunch ideas, meal planning techniques, sustainable daily routines, and so much more that your children will thank you for!

Your Personal Health Coach,
Joyce Blonskij

Here is a tip to achieve your goals:
Pick one achievable goal this week that’s totally impossible to fail at. Something so simple and easy you know you can do and make the promise to yourself that you will accomplish it no matter what. When I was asked this I decided to do “bed exercises” first thing before I stepped out of bed in the morning. It sound kinda weird but it works. I do leg lifts, crunches and stretches. The first day I started this my husband, John, wanted to Facebook Live me…thankfully he didn’t. That would have been a funny video for sure. What is your achievable goal for this week that is so small and easy you know you can do it? Share it below and let’s see what fun and healthy things we can come up with.

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