Solving Food Addictions – Event

September 14, 2017
by Joyce Blonskij

Join us for this EPIC event or Live Stream if you are outside of the Sacramento/Fair Oaks Area.

Our Speaker:

Tzeli Triantafillou is a Toxicologist, a Corporate America veteran and the founder and CEO of Myndzen, an unconventional integrative wellness business.

With her passion for communicating life-changing truths, Tzeli uses the same critical thinking that allowed her to synthesize cancer drugs in the laboratory, to develop practical resources within our control, that intercept the toxic impact of stress in our modern but overwhelmed lives.

Tzeli’s academic and professional accomplishments include: A B.Sc. in Bio-Chemistry and Toxicology, the design and development of five drugs for three different types of cancer while pursuing her Ph.D., a proven track record of results-driven success in leadership, HIV/AIDS advocacy, strategic management, and team development and multiple awards for outstanding performance in sales, leadership, and training during two decades in the healthcare industry.

In her presentation “Mind the Gap”, Tzeli brings science to life by re-acquainting you with your very own amazing internal neurobiology and and how it can hurt your health and happiness when “untamed”. Although you may not always have the ability to control challenging aspects of your professional and personal life, you will be offered practical ways to adjust your response and minimize the impact of those situations.

You will walk away with a renewed sense of self-awareness and self-compassion and practical tools to protect you from burn out and disengagement.